Winner: April 2018 Drawing Heating Pad Review

Winner: April 2018 Drawing Heating Pad Review

Congratulations to Cecilia R. from Carlsbad California! She won the drawing for the month of April by leaving a review for her heating pad purchase. You can be the next winner!

Heating Pads Will Help You Deal with Arthritic Pain


Help arthritic pain and everyday muscle aches fade away with our microwavable heat pad. Soothe and relieve discomfort with whole grain filled heat pads that help to deliver even, consistent heat to achy areas.  Microwave to the level of your choice and the heating pad can provide the level of intensity you need to begin feeling better, and the convenient, portable heating pad lets you relax comfortably while you get relief. Plus, the moist heat enhances the heat therapy benefit.

Use Heating Pads Wherever and Whenever

Get relief from muscle pain and tendinitis by using the heat therapy often.  Ease carpal tunnel discomfort by applying heat on the wrist.  Cozy up and take the chill out in your favorite chair or bed.  Sunny Bay Heating Pad transforms your aches and pains into comfort, warmth and joy.

Microwaveable Heating Pads are Convenient

To get pain relieve at work or at home, all it takes is a minute in the microwave. For additional warmth, add increments of 20 seconds.  Feel the release of muscle and joint pain.  Calm spasms and cramps in minutes with a portable heating pad.

Natural Hot Therapy Pack

Filled with all-natural whole grains, our heating pads are easy to handle and hypo-allergic.  The heating pack contours gently and offers steady pressure to deliver heat therapy and pain relief.

Well-designed for the Most Effectiveness

Our heating pads are designed and made with the best benefit in mind.  For the same effort and price, you get more therapeutic relief from our heating pads.  The heating area is larger, and the heat pad stays on better.  The heat increases blood circulation and take away the lactic acid, so you feel relaxed.

Use one and you will be hocked. Join the growing happy customers who enjoyed the comfort and pain relief from our heating pads.  Many come back year after year.



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