How Using A Heating Pad Before Bed Can Improve Your Sleep

How Using A Heating Pad Before Bed Can Improve Your Sleep

The average American receives only 6.8 hours of sleep every night, a 1.2-hour reduction since 1942. Fortunately, there are ways Americans can improve their sleeping habits.

By establishing a routine, sleeping on clean sheets, and using aromatherapy for stress, you can feel more relaxed when it’s time to sleep. You may also improve your sleeping habits by using a microwave heating pad prior to going to sleep. But why?

How Heat Wraps Improve Sleep
Heat is renowned for its positive effects on the body. It can be used in the form of heat therapy to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. It can also reduce stress and relieve pain.

However, one of heat’s lesser-known benefits is its effects on the sleep cycle. By applying a microwave heating pad to your shoulder, neck, or lower back to ease stress prior to going to bed you can improve your sleeping habits.

Here are a few reasons why heat makes you tired and can help improve your sleeping habits:

  1. Heat lowers your blood pressure
    When you apply heat to your body, your blood pressure will drop a little. This causes less blood to travel to your brain, which can make you more tired. Because your blood pressure naturally lowers while you’re sleeping, using a heating pad prior to going to sleep (but not sleeping with it) can help prepare yourself for bed.
  2. Heat can help you cool down
    When you go to sleep, your body naturally cools down. This is why you often sleep best when the room is at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. By applying a microwave heat wrap prior to bed and then removing it just before you go to sleep, you’re emulating that natural temperature drop. As a result, you’ll become more sleepy and less restless when you head to bed.
  3. Heat makes you more comfortable
     Comfort is essential for optimal sleep and if there’s one thing that makes a person comfortable, it’s heat. Heat relaxes the muscles, which reduces stress. It also keeps your body from feeling the need to move to stay warm, which reduces restless sleep. Therefore, to make yourself comfortable right before bed, consider a microwave heat wrap to make yourself cozy.

A heating pad with aromatherapy can help you feel more relaxed and prepared for sleep. For more information, on heating pads with aromatherapy, contact us today.

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