The Right Pillow in the Right Place: What You Need to Know About Sleeping Comfortably

The Right Pillow in the Right Place: What You Need to Know About Sleeping Comfortably

Sleep is a built-in body function. It is necessary for healing your body off the physical toil it goes through every day. However, merely lying down wouldn’t refresh you. In fact, the way you position yourself during sleep and the kind of pillow you use makes all the difference to how you wake up in the morning.

Best Pillows to Use
If you experience neck and back pain on a regular basis, try these pillows when sleeping:
Body Pillows

This is a body-length pillow, suited for people who prefer to sleep on their side. Body pillows can also be used by pregnant women for added support for the abdominal area. The top portion can be used to support the head and neck, while the lower portion sustains the knees and legs. Of course, you always have the option of using separate pillows to support all these areas while sleeping.

Chiropractic Pillows

These are also known as cervical, chiropractic, and orthopedic pillows. A chiropractic pillow is basically contoured in a way that the head and neck are fully rested on it, without any spaces in between. This type of pillow has a deeper depression where the head lies and extra support under the neck, hence making it useful for people with cervical spine problems.

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows, also known as the U-shaped pillow owing to its most commonly seen structure, are curved to fit comfortably around your neck. You can use it to sleep or support your head when seated. You can use it on airplanes and in cars to prevent your head from bending to one side in a way that causes significant discomfort. These pillows assist the muscles in keeping your head up.
Proper Sleeping Positions
Even the best pillow cannot help you unless to learn to position it, along with your body, in a well-aligned manner. Follow these tips to sleep comfortably and to enhance the effects of the travel, body, or chiropractic pillows that you use:
Support your head properly while reading or watching television in bed. Never prop yourself up on several pillows with your head bent forward.
When reading, your arms should have some support while your head should be in a neutral position.
The best sleeping position is on your back or your side. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
When sleeping on the back, placing a pillow or two underneath the back of the knees helps reduce the load on the lower back.

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