A Thank You Letter In The Mail — Totally Unexpected

A Thank You Letter In The Mail — Totally Unexpected

thank you letter from buyer of heating pads

At Biomed DB Design, we take care of our customers in every way we can.  Many of them thank us by returning for more heating pads, writing favorable reviews online, or referring us to their friends.  This thank you letter that came from our long time customer was totally unexpected.  Charmaine purchases our heating pads for her own use and to give out as gifts.  She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1993 and was in a lot of pain in her shoulder, neck and upper back.  She took medication and used our shoulder and upper back heat wrap. The heat wrap helped her tremendously.
To her, our heating pads are a lifesaver.  The heat wraps helped her get pain relief.  We are hoping she will try our pillows too!  People often tell us how helpful our chiropractic pillows can be when used at night.  Many people who normally don’t do any product reviews wrote about it the morning after sleeping with one.  Others told us that our lower back heat wrap is the best of all available options on the market.  They told us how often they use our heat wraps, some using it as much as 5 times a day, everyday.  We use our own pillows during travel and heating pads after work.  We try to improve the design and the make of them so they are more functional and more durable.  Our hard work has paid off.  We were recognized as the Best Therapeutic Neck and Head Support provider by the Global Health Pharma Magazine.
Charmaine was happy to get our products, and she was specially thankful when she got our outstanding customer care.  We hope to continue this line of work and service.  We are here to help you if you need neck support pillows and microwavable heating pads.
A grateful team from BioMed DB Design, LLC


Jan 2017

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