Seahawks Points Will Ease Fans’ Pain in the Neck

Seahawks Points Will Ease Fans’ Pain in the Neck

Washington company BioMed DB Design will give away a Sunshine neck pillow for every Super Bowl point scored by the Seahawks.

It will be more than a pain in the neck for most Seahawks fans if the unthinkable happens and their team doesn’t win the Super Bowl Championship. But a Washington-based company has come up with a way to ease that pain and help some supporters become winners regardless.
BioMed DB Design, of Federal Way, is offering to give away one of its travel neck pillows for every point that the Seahawks score—win or lose. “There’s a chance for fans to score, no matter the score,” says a spokesperson for BioMed.
What’s the connection between professional football and neck pillows? For NFL players injuries to the head, shoulders and neck are all too common—so anything that provides relief and comfort is the equivalent of a touchdown.
That’s why, when they’re on the road, you’ll find everyone from quarterbacks to linebackers sporting BioMed’s customized travel neck pillows called Sunshine Pillows. Particularly popular is the specially created Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow which fits most adults and is available in a variety of sizes so wearers get a customized fit. The pillow has a unique shape, custom-designed for tall people with longer necks.

Five Star Athlete Management, which represents more than 60 NFL players, partnered with Sunshine Pillows to supply teams with customized pillows for their players. Client Services Coordinator, Kara Galloway, reported that “They seem to be a great fit. Now the pillows are an essential part of their kit.”
“The level of interest from NFL players took us completely by surprise,” says the BioMed spokesperson. “Of course we hope the Seahawks rack up a huge victory and score a ton of points. The more points we score, the more pillows we’ll give away.”
How can you get one? Simply supply BioMed with your full name, email and shipping address any time between now and 12 midnight PST on Sunday, February 8. One entry per person. Winners will be picked at random after sign-up has closed. One free pillow per winner. Winners’ First Name, Last Name Initial, City, and State will be posted online. The competition, of course, is not limited to Seahawks fans—anyone can participate.
To enter: send in an email, no purchase necessary, to or enter along with your purchase at
BioMed DB Designs, LLC, the company behind Sunshine Pillows, is particularly proud of its success, especially on Amazon. Amazon is now purchasing BioMed’s products and sells them from their website. A company spokesman says that many companies have a return rate as high as 30 to 50 percent. But its customer satisfaction is so high that over the holidays its returns were less than 1 percent. In fact, BioMed is so confident that most people will be totally happy that it not only offers a full refund but pays for return shipping. Its level of repeat customers, unsurprisingly, is high.
About the Company
BioMed DB Design, LLC helps people around the US deal with head, neck, and back pain by offering medically designed and high-quality pillows and heating pads.
Contact Details
Phone: 253-678-1361
Postal: BioMed DB Design, LLC
PO Box 23496
Federal Way, WA 98093

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