Chiropractic Neck Pillow for Extra Neck Support



The Chiropractic Neck Pillow wraps around your neck with an additional firm column included at the neck band to provide support. The pillow is perfect for at-home use while lounging in a chair, sitting up in bed, while traveling in the car or take it with you on a bus or airplane trip. It’s 100% portable.

  • AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Awarded by GHP magazine 2017
  • It contains a special supportive column filled with flax seeds for enhanced neck care without sacrificing comfort those people with sensitive necks or who visit doctors or chiropractors for chronic neck problems may benefit from the extra neck support
  • There are three sizes from pick from: Small/Petite, Medium (most people), and Large
  • The pillow is narrower and softer at the cervical area and will easily fit in the small space between your neck and the head rest in the car or on airline seats
  • The pillow’s enlarged chin rests provide forward support to prevent head-nodding while you nap
  • The zipper opening allows for easy adjustment of the filling material depending on your personal preferences for comfort
  • Made in the USA

Sizes small, medium and large.  Available in navy blue, light blue, and black.

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Sunshine Pillow focuses on creating products that fill a specific medical need in a unique way. We focus on how a product will work for you and how it will work the best on your body. Our dedication to detail and quality can be seen in every portion of our health care items.

The Chiropractic Neck Pillow for Extra Neck Support comes in any color you like. This support pillow is made specifically for people who have neck pain or upper shoulder pain and need the extra support.

One of the great features with this neck support pillow is the special supportive column that is filled with all natural flax seeds. This supportive column is flexible, conforms to your neck shape, and supports your neck to help relieve pain, strain and stress.

The pillow is narrow and softer in the cervical area and will comfortably fit in the small space between your neck and the head rest in the car, airline, bus or train seat. The pillow’s chin rest provides forward support to prevent head-bobbling while nodding off or sleeping. Some of our customers tell us that they use this pillow to sleep on at night.

You can customize the support of this Chiropractic Neck Pillow by unzipping it and adjusting the filling material to your particular needs. The size medium pillow will fit most people in our population with a neck circumference of 15-17 inches. Other sizes are available for people who have a larger sized neck, or skinny people who needs tighter fit.

You can find our complete line of neck support pillows right here at Sunshine Pillows.

People often ask us, “what is the difference between small and medium?”  The answer is able to get support without tilting your head too much.  When we cut, the difference is only 1/4 of an inch between size small and medium at the neck ring.  When the pillow is filled, the support ring is smaller by 1.5?.  Therefore, when you use the pillow, people with thin neck don’t need to tilt the head at a large angle to receive the support.  Most other pillows without this ergonomic design don’t have the tall support on the side.  Most people will tilt their head when resting on those traditional pillows.  Normal people may not be bothered by it, but people with neck issues will get neck pain from using those pillows.  This is why people say they don’t go to their chiropractors that much after using our pillows.  Hope you get the support you need also.


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