Aromatherapy Body Heating Pad


  • Large enough to cover the entire back size: 10 inches wide and 24 inches long
  • Ideal for back, knee, legs, and shoulder pain, treats many muscle groups
  • Filling does not shift due to many built-in chamber structures
  • Filled with all natural rice and lavender for the long lasting heat and aromatherapy; the heat lasts for more than half an hour
  • Washable cover to keep it clean and protects skin

This extra-large body heating wrap is a microwavable and freezable product. It is designed to be large enough to cover your entire back. It is also perfect to wrap around your legs, knees, or shoulder and neck. Perfect for those with illness such as CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Neuralgia, Athletic Sport Sprains/Strains or other conditions. Even office workers can easily wear this to relax their strained muscles and rid themselves of fatigue. The body heating wrap is perfect for anyone who has a need for soothing tired, sore back muscles. Sunny Bay microwavable heating pad with lavender is perfect for stress reduction, and for quick pain relief. Get your back pain therapy while on your break or on your job, as often as you like! The heating pads can be microwaved or frozen for the best therapeutic use. Strong lavender-scent is the perfect choice for in home aromatherapy. for people with simple muscle strains to those with chronic pain, this heating wrap will become your go to selection for comfort and relief.

UPC: 894073002418
Title change to:Sunny Bay XL Body Heating Pad Lavender Aromatherapy, Washable Cover, Heat Therapy Pad for Sore Neck, Back Shoulder Muscle Pain Relief | Reusable, Non Electric Heat or Cold Compress, Navy Blue


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10 x 24 Inches


Washington Premium Lavender Buds


4 Lbs


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