NFL Players Testify to the Therapeutic Benefits of Custom-Made Neck Pillows

NFL Players Testify to the Therapeutic Benefits of Custom-Made Neck Pillows

NFL Players Testify to the Therapeutic Benefits of Custom-Made Neck Pillows
Washington Based Firm Launches Customized Pillows for Neck Pain Relief
Federal Way, WA, October 1st, 2015 – Sunshine Pillows offers customized travel neck pillows aimed specifically for taller people with longer neck lengths. While these were not directly aimed for the sports market, NFL players became aware of these neck pillows while searching for specialized travel products.

This isn’t unusual, considering the fact that athletes regularly experience head, neck, and shoulder injuries, which is where these pillows come in handy. In this season alone, NFL players have had more than 1300 injuries. And while most of the injuries were around the leg and ankle area, injuries sustained to the head and necks were among the more prominent ones. The custom travel pillows will offer them great relief during treatment, recovery, and travel. These neck pillows will also be very useful for players during the season, as they will have to fly thousands of miles over the course of five months to various away games.

Five Star Athlete Management partnered with Sunshine Pillows to provide the organization with customized pillows for their players. Five Star currently represents over 60 NFL players which include Eric Decker, Vernon Davis, Demaryius Thomas, Dwayne Bowe, and Golden Tate. Jake Silver of Five Star mentioned that “a couple of the players have tried them on and they seem to be a great fit.”
A spokesman for the neck pillow company said:

“The standard height for cervical pillows in the market place was 3 inches. However, these were not useable by people who are taller and have longer necks. Hence, we came up with these custom travel pillows for people over 6′ 3″ and those who have a neck length of 4″ or more.”

They further went on to say:
“But what has caught us by surprise is the interest NFL players have shown in these products. We pride ourselves at helping people deal with chronic pain and travel comfortably without straining their neck. The forthcoming event will help spread greater awareness about our products, as it is not only athletes who need help with pain management.”

Additional qualities of these travel neck pillows include taller sides for stronger support than traditional travel pillows, while the cervical area is narrower and softer to make it easy to fit in the small space between the user’s neck and the car seat. There is also an enlarged end portion of the pillow legs provide chin support to prevent head-nodding while napping. Finally, there is a zipper opening that allows easy adding or removing of stuffing for self-adjusting firmness.

About the Company
BioMed DB Design, LLC helps people around the US deal with head, neck, and back pain by offering medically designed and high-quality pillows and heating pads.

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