New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Better Self-Care

New Year’s Resolutions: Tips for Better Self-Care

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With the new calendar year fast approaching, everyone is making resolutions and looking for ways to grow and better themselves in the new year. But no matter what your goals are, perhaps the most important resolution you can make is to take better care of yourself.

We often get so busy with life, work, family, friends, and other obligations that we neglect our own needs. But the value of self-care can’t be overestimated. If you want to feel good and get more accomplished throughout the day, you need to make sure to get the rest, relaxation, nourishment, and self care that you need to function at your best. Otherwise, you won’t be able to help friends and family to the best of your abilities anyway. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more self-love into your new year’s routine.

  • Sleep smarter, not harder. Do you have problems falling asleep at night, then wake up the next day feeling groggy and unrested? Get to the root of the problem and give yourself enough time before bed to wind down. If there are specific issues causing you to toss and turn, address them proactively. For pain, try using a microwave heating pad, such as a shoulder heat wrap or heated neck pillow, to melt off tension from the day while you listen to relaxing music.
  • Take a “me” day. One in four workers admit to calling in sick or taking a “mental health day” off of work as a result of stress. And why not? Around two in three people say that work itself can have a significant impact on their stress levels. Don’t feel guilty about taking a day to give yourself a real break. Laze in your bathrobe with an extra long neck heat pad and enjoy tending to your own needs for a change.
  • Find a new way to get moving. Everyone knows the benefits of exercise, but not all of us are eager to lace up our running shoes. And finding the motivation to exercise is especially hard during the winter. Instead of forcing yourself to jog or hit the treadmill, try something new: a dance class, martial arts, kickboxing, swimming — anything that will get you moving.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to implement new habits for a better, brighter future. As you write your resolutions this January, don’t forget the most important person on your list: You!

Remember, before new year’s resolutions comes Christmas presents. This year, give yourself the gift of relief in the form of a heated neck pillow and microwave heating pad!

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