Microwaveable Heat Wraps Help with Pain and Sleep

Microwaveable Heat Wraps Help with Pain and Sleep

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There is nothing worse than pain keeping you up at night when all you want to do is go to bed! After a long day at work, or even a stressful day at home, you don’t want muscle discomfort, headaches, or chronic pain to prevent sleep. Two of the most common areas of discomfort are the neck and shoulders. Many jobs contribute to this neck and shoulder pain and stress can cause muscle tension too. A microwaveable heat wrap has proven to be an effective way to combat this pain and get the good night sleep you deserve.

The three different ways neck wraps target pain are with heating, cooling or aromatherapy. If you can find one that provides all three options that would be the ideal choice; such as a lavender scented heat wrap that can also be frozen. Heat increases blood flow and is best used for tight muscles and decreasing pain. Cold therapy is preferred for strains, sprains, and pulled muscles,but it can also be used for decreasing pain. Aromatherapy is a welcomed addition to either heat or cooling therapy as it helps reduce stress and provides a calming atmosphere. They come in different sizes too so be sure to get an extra long neck heat pad if you want to target larger areas of your shoulders and back too.

A microwaveable heat wrap targets pain and is a good way to unwind and end the day. If you can’t sleep this might be a beneficial part of your night time routine. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you don’t fall asleep withing about 15 minutes of trying, get up and do something relaxing. You should try going back to bed when you’re tired. The more you agonize over not being able to sleep you may find the process even more difficult. Using a microwaveable neck wrap would calm you, ease your mind (especially with aromatherapy), and help you embrace sleep without pain or discomfort.

With many individuals bogged down by stress and constant aches and pains a good night’s rest is hard to get. Rather than rushing to the doctor or physical therapist perhaps you should try something smaller and more affordable! A microwaveable heat wrap has many selling points but the fact that it can be reused over and over again is also key! If you have chronic pain, need to relax, or can’t sleep a microwavable neck wrap should be the first thing you try.

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