Heat Wraps: Both Pet Lovers and Their Best Friends Love Them

Heat Wraps: Both Pet Lovers and Their Best Friends Love Them

 Thought about heat wraps for your dog?

dog using extra large body heat wraps

Do you know that pets also have arthritis and chronic pain just like us?   They keep us company and give us a lot of joy after we came home from a long day of work.  We want to take care of them just like our family.  Many pet owners spend heavily on their pets’ medical needs.

Our heat wraps are designed for human.  We measure, test, and make them specifically for different human body parts.  We want our heat wraps to be user friendly and fully functional.  We designed them to use for conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain etc.  We were surprised when our customers told us that they shared these heat wraps with their dogs or cats.  Sometimes, they had to fight with their best friends for the use of our heat wraps.

Here is one of the messages we got today from our repeat customer:

“I have a confession to make… I actually bought this heat wrap for my dog, Sofie, to help with her arthritis because I’ve been letting her use mine and wanted it back to use for myself! She loves hers just as much as I love mine! She was so excited when I pulled your heat wrap out of the package, that I immediately popped it in the microwave and she’s currently laying on her bed with the heating pad over her shoulders. She’ll probably lay there for the next hour or so enjoying her own pillow!”

Our customer went on to tell us:

“Last year, I bought a shoulder heating pad from you and I love it! I’m looking for something that is similar in size (8″ x 21″), but I would like to have it as one solid piece like the neck pillows you make. ”

“Anyway, just wanted to share with you. Keep up the great work!”

Do you have a story to share with us?  We would love to hear how you like our heat wraps.





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