Ergonomic Products to Improve Posture

Ergonomic Products to Improve Posture

Posture can have significant effects on health and well-being. As discussed in our previous article, bad posture can lead to back pain, neck pain, stiffness, the list goes on; on the other hand, good posture can prevent that pain, uses less energy, and makes you look and feel better. Here are some products with ergonomic design to consider in order to improve posture.

Braces and Devices

SitSmart Posture Plus by BackJoy

SitSmart Posture Plus is a molded plastic device that helps to force correct sitting posture in the back. This simple but innovative ergonomic design rests on the bottom of the seat. Once sat on, it immediately tilts the pelvis in a fashion that straightens out the back. This device is helpful for practicing proper posture, and like any technique to improv posture, it initially feels strange, but like most of the procedures to improve posture, you will quickly grow used to the SitSmart Posture Plus and eventually won’t notice it at all with your natural good posture.

LumoLift by LumoBodyTech

LumoLift is a small device that you attach to the outside of your clothes. It is smaller than the palm of your hand and works with your phone. This is for the committed person trying to make a habit out of good posture, as it is more expensive than the rest of the products recommended. LumoLift produces a habit by vibrating whenever it detects a slouch forming. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and is a discreet way to remind you about your posture. This device doesn’t detect slouching in your lower back

Ergonomic Pillows by Biomed DB Design.

Our pillows are ergonomically designed for resting positions such as lying down, sitting, and sleeping. They provide support to the head and neck to improve posture and reduce stress on the neck and shoulders. One of the great features with this neck support pillow is the special supportive column that is filled with all natural flax seeds. This supportive column is flexible, conforms to your neck shape, and supports your neck to help relieve pain, strain and stress. Other products offered by Biomed DB Design are helpful for pain from poor posture and other more chronic pains. This ergonomic pillow will help you improve your resting posture and relieve pain that you have from previous poor posture.


The specific chair is not necessarily important. Positioning while sitting is more important, however there are some chairs that do not allow certain slouching positions and require active sitting. These are chairs that can swivel and provide minimal to no back support. These deficits can help a habit of good posture, however they do not allow for relaxation or conventional sitting and do not provide support along your spinal curve. While purchasing one of these chairs may be helpful, practicing proper sitting can improve posture just as well without purchasing any new chair. There are numerous tips for practicing proper posture while sitting. See our previous article on proper posture, or a Mayo Clinic Office Ergonomics page, or do some quick searches online.

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