Create a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual with a Lavender-Scented Heated Neck Wrap

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Ritual with a Lavender-Scented Heated Neck Wrap

heated neck pillowWhen we have a good night’s sleep, it makes a major difference in how we feel throughout the day. Not only does it impact our energy level, it also makes a difference in our mood and state-of-mind. Furthermore, we think more clearly when we’ve had a good night’s sleep and are better able to engage in daily activities.

Sometimes, however, we may have a sleepless night or two. When this occurs, it’s best not to agonize over not being able to fall asleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. When our stress increases, it can prevent us from falling asleep.

The Mayo Clinic has an excellent recommendation on how to handle a sleepless night. First of all, if we are unable to fall asleep within 15 minutes or so, we can get out of bed and engage in a relaxing activity.

Most of the time, coming up with a relaxing activity is easy. We could soak in a nice hot bath, have a cup of herbal tea, meditate, listen to soft music, or do some yoga. Other times, however, it may be more challenging to find something that won’t increase our wakefulness.

One of the reasons we may experience occasional difficulty sleeping is due to being physically uncomfortable. If our back, neck and/or shoulders are tight and sore, for example, we can use one of the following pads, pillows or wraps:

  • Aromatherapy neck wrap
  • Heated neck pillow
  • Extra long neck heat pad
  • Heated back wrap
  • Shoulder heat wrap

There are several benefits to using these pads, pillows, and wraps. First of all, they can be conveniently heated in the microwave. Secondly, when they contain soothing, lavender essential oils, they can assist with becoming further relaxed.

People have been using essential oils such as lavender for almost 6,000 years. Lavender has been shown to have therapeutic properties, one of which is promoting rest and tranquility.

When we’re experiencing muscle soreness, day-to-day stress, or a sleepless night, using a heated neck pillow with lavender essential oils can help us to relax. Once we allow ourselves to unwind, we’ll be able to sleep better and feel refreshed the following day.

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