Americans Are Getting More Sleep, But Still Missing Quality Zzzs

Americans Are Getting More Sleep, But Still Missing Quality Zzzs

Sleep is not only essential for our health and happiness, but it’s also positively associated with a higher sense of well-being when you receive up to eight hours of sleep a night. However, as many as 42% of American adults receive less than seven hours of sleep a night.

According to The New York Times, Americans have at least made an improvement in their sleep schedules: the average American now sleeps 18 minutes longer than they did in 2003. Although this may not seem like a big improvement, it means Americans are moving in the right direction when it comes to seeing the benefits of better sleep.

“If we only got more sleep,” said Dr. Mathias Badner, the associate professor of sleep and chronobiology in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, “we could then see that we actually perform better and would probably be more creative and more productive during the day.”

Sleep deprivation can cause cognitive dysfunction and confusion. It’s also been known to cause a variety of chronic health conditions including heart disease and diabetes.

To improve sleep quality, sleep experts have suggested maintaining a relaxing environment in the bedroom, creating a routine, and limiting time with technology prior to sleep.

It’s for this reason that the 18 additional minutes of sleep Americans are getting speaks positively about the nation’s relationship with sleep. It means Americans are finally developing a healthy relationship with sleep.

Improve your sleep quality with an aromatherapy heating pad
For many Americans, the problem with getting quality sleep comes from the inability to fall asleep. Heat therapy has been proven to reduce muscle tension and ease stress by improving blood circulation.

A heating pad with aromatherapy uses both the positive aspects of heat therapy and the positive aspects of aromatherapy to relax you and prepare you for sleep. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself tossing and turning at night due to neck pain, shoulder pain, or stress, try using a heating pad with aromatherapy today.

Heat wraps and heating pads can help reduce muscle tension, reduce chronic pain, and relax your body for better quality sleep. For more information on heating pads with aromatherapy, contact Sunny Bay today.

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  1. The more you eat etra food the more the surface of body tired to have slept.

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