7 Strategies To Make Your Next Work Week Stress-Free

7 Strategies To Make Your Next Work Week Stress-Free

Stress from work is the source of approximately one million American employees missing work every day. Workers in the United States face sometimes insurmountable pressure to meet deadlines, attend meetings, and deal with their personal lives in a short amount of time. That said, there are some excellent ways to ease stress which will not only leave you feeling more relaxed but refreshed and ready to tackle even the busiest work week.

  1. Bubble Baths
    The combination of warmth, security, and calming effects found in aromatherapy come together in perfect harmony in the form of a sensual bubble bath.
  2. Burning Incense
    During the heat therapy and soothing soapy aromatics of a bubble bath, add an extra layer of sweet-smelling tranquility by burning incense.
  3. Heating Pads
    Heat therapy is an effective way of soothing your body as a whole, but sometimes stress can knot up a specific area. A heating pad for back pain caused by stress might be perfect for overworked deskbound employees.
  4. Sleep, and Lots Of It
    If you are not getting enough sleep, your mind will not be functioning at full force during the workday. This can contribute heavily to stress. Create a sleep schedule and stick to it for more wakeful workdays.
  5. Plant Seeds
    Literally, growing plants in your office is one strategy many workers find helpful in reducing stress. Grow tomatoes and you can also have a fresh snack with lunch.
  6. Dogs To The Rescue
    Studies show that having dogs in the office can reduce cortisol levels, a chemical associated with stress.
  7. Sweat It Out
    Hit the gym and sweat away the stress. The big bonus with regular exercise is that it also makes you tired enough to get to sleep on time. Better body, better mind- talk about a win-win!

Whether your stress accumulates in a specific and painful physical location on your body, or it makes your mind race, keeping you up at night, there are many different ways you can mitigate how it affects you. Practice good sleeping habits, take time out of your day to relax, and pet a puppy once in a while and you should be on the right track to a stress-free work week.

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