5 Tips For Keeping Calm On A Flight

5 Tips For Keeping Calm On A Flight

Not everyone is a fan of plane travel. And depending on your level of stress over the flight itself, your anxiety can sometimes put a real damper on your vacation experience.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help to reduce your stress over your flight to keep your mood up both before and after you’ve reached your destination. Consider the following tips to help keep you calm during your next flight.

  1. Bring along a lavender heat wrap
    A lavender heat wrap is a great carry-on item to help keep you relaxed during your flight. Essential oils have been used for their therapeutic properties for almost 6,000 years and lavender is one of the most popular oils. A lavender heat wrap can relax the muscles and improve blood circulation to help keep you calm and reduce muscle aches and pains.
  2. Have music prepared
     For many nervous flyers, take-off and landing can be the worst parts of an airline flight. To help yourself get through it, play some of your favorite jams or even an instrumental from your favorite action movie. The thrill of the music will help you imagine you’re an action hero about to make a grand entrance and you can momentarily forget about your fear.
  3. Bring something along that lasts the whole flight
    While it’s great to get a little work in, it can be difficult to keep calm and answer work emails while you’re nervous about turbulence. Instead, bring along a craft that will keep your hands busy throughout the entire flight.
  4. Practice breathing exercises
    One of the biggest problems when it comes to panic and anxiety is hyperventilation. To keep yourself steady during a flight, be sure to practice deep breathing exercises beforehand. This will prepare you for those moments on the flight when you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Read about how planes fly
    Sometimes the best way to stay calm about something is by learning how it works. The more informed you feel about how a plane operates while it’s in the sky and how pilots control the plane, the more comfortable you’ll feel taking off into the sky.

Whether you get anxious on airline flights or you’re just not able to get comfortable, a heated neck wrap or heated back wrap can help keep you relaxed. For more information on aromatherapy heating pads and the benefits of heat therapy, contact Sunshine Bay today.

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