5 Important Benefits of Heat Therapy for Muscle Pain

5 Important Benefits of Heat Therapy for Muscle Pain

heated neck pillowWhether it’s cramping, a pulled muscle, or just general soreness in a certain area, muscle pain is an issue that plagues countless people every day. Fortunately, there are treatment options out there that don’t involve injections, pills, or even any further discomfort. Here are just a few ways that heat therapy can help relieve your muscle pain.

Decreasing Muscle Spasms
If part of your pain stems from muscle spasms, heat therapy is an excellent option to consider. For neck and shoulder spasms or arm spasms, applying a heated neck pillow or a shoulder heat wrap can relax the muscle gently and stop spasms from occurring again. The heat forces your muscles to relax without the need for any medication, effectively stopping spasms in their tracks.

Reducing Stiffness
If you find it hard to move because your muscles have become stiff from sleeping or just a general lack of mobility, microwave heating pads are a wonderful treatment option. A small amount of time in the microwave and you’ve got a beautiful, warm sensation that, when combined with gradual stretching, can help ease any stiffness in your muscles.

Increasing Blood Flow
Heat helps increase blood flow in your body. If you’ve been injured and you’re still experiencing some pain, heat may help, as increased blood flow can help an injury heal faster. This requires applying heat directly to the injured area. For example, if you’ve pulled a muscle in your neck, a heated neck pillow would be an excellent source of heat therapy.

Reducing Stress and Tension
Heat helps relieve tension in muscles. If you want an added stress and tension reliever in your heat therapy, consider using an aromatherapy neck wrap. Lavender scented heat wraps are extremely popular for their calming qualities. If you’re among the 60 million Americans who suffer from sleep deprivation, this could be an excellent before-bed routine as well.

Don’t let pain stop you from living your best life. These heat therapy benefits could end up changing your life for the better.

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