Sneaky Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep Every Night

Sneaky Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep Every Night

lavender heat wrap is something we all hope for but barely get enough of. In fact, in the United States, 42% of adults usually get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. Lack of sleep can lead to a host of different health problems from increased stress levels to headaches and fogginess to even weight gain and heart problems.

But getting more sleep every night is easier said than done. There are sneaky day-to-day signs that mean you aren’t getting enough shut-eye, so here are some clues to pay attention to!

  • You are gaining a lot of weight
    A lack of sleep leads to an increased appetite, which causes you to crave unhealthy foods and snacks. If you notice that a few more pounds are creeping up on the scale, chances are you could use a few more hours of sleep every night.
  • You are forgetful and making a lot of small mistakes
    Sleep is a chance for your body to recharge and restore. This includes your brain. After processing information all day, it sure deserves a break! Your body needs time to recharge, and without adequate sleep, your memory will suffer.
  • Your skin is looking haggard
    Dark circles, acne, and red puffy eyes are all signs that you aren’t getting enough sleep. Even the smallest amount of sleep deprivation can cause your skin to look worn, so make sure to get your full seven hours every night to look your best every day!

If you are suffering from any or all of these symptoms, consider looking into forms of heat and scent therapy to feel better. Products such as lavender heat wraps, heated shoulder wraps, and heated neck pillows are great products to soothe away your troubles and ease the stress away!

Quality neck heat pads and scented lavender heat wraps can change how you see bedtime forever — so come check out our products and you’ll be falling asleep in no time at all!

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