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  • Back Pain Relief

    Back Pain Relief (4)

    Sunshine Pillows has a great selection of back pain relief products. From heated lower back and shoulder joint wraps to microwavable heat wraps for back pain, we’re here to help soothe whatever ailment you may have. These products are designed to relieve back pain. Some of our heat wraps for back pain are extra-large in size and can be tied around the shoulder or waist. The shoulder heat wrap stays well on the shoulder. Whether you’re been hunched over at your desk all day or are sore from last night’s softball game, our back pain relief products can help you out.
  • Shoulder & Upper Back Pain Relief

    Shoulder & Upper Back Pain Relief (4)

    If you’re looking for back and shoulder pain relief, then you’ve come to the right place. Sunshine Pillows has a variety of heating pads for upper back pain available. No matter the cause of your pain, we’re here to help soothe the problem so you can go about the rest of your day. These convenient and easy to use microwaveable heat wraps stay well on the shoulder. There’s no need to hold them with hand or use a tie to secure them in place because they drape over the upper back and stay put. The heat lasts about half an hour. Whether you just got back from a grueling practice or are sore from sitting all day at the office, heating pads for upper back pain can make all the difference. Get the back and shoulder pain relief your body deserves today!
  • Neck Pain Relief

    Neck Pain Relief (4)

    Our neck pain relief products are quite easy to use. Simply microwave the heatable neck wrap, and then put it around your neck for immediate muscle relief. Maybe you spend too much time looking down at your phone, or you stretched a little too far in yoga class. Whatever the case, Sunshine Pillows is here to help ease your neck pain. Curl up with a good book, watch your favorite TV show, or enjoy a hot cup of tea while you wear your heatable neck wrap around the house hands-free. Give your neck a break with our neck pain relief products today!
  • Lavender Scented Heat Wraps

    Lavender Scented Heat Wraps (3)

    Heat therapy in combination with lavender is the best way to treat your muscle pain in the neck shoulder and back. Lavender is great for aromatherapy and relaxation. Lavender heating pads treat headaches and promote a sense of happiness. Our premium lavender comes from local Washington farms. Ergonomic Microwavable Heating Pads and Travel Neck Pillows with lavender are great ways to reduce stress and relax the soul. It’s a well-known fact that lavender is effective on treating headaches and is wonderful for aromatherapy. It works well for relaxation and reduction of stress after a long day. Aromatherapy is also known for its benefits when used in chronic and acute pain therapy. Now you can combine the benefits of lavender with the pain relief abilities from our lavender heated neck wraps. With multiple choices for you, our lavender heat packs and lavender neck pillows are a popular choice for reducing pain and relieving tension and stiffness. From eye pillows for sinus headaches or migraine sufferers to extra-large wraps for any part of your body, combining the scent of lavender with the warmth from the wrap offers the best in relaxation and pain relief. Whether your neck is an issue or your shoulders and upper back need attention, the lavender scented products from Sunshine Pillows will bring you the best combined relief for chronic pain or minor aches and pains. The lavender is locally sourced from Washington State and offers a holistic approach for your pain relieving needs. Breathe deep and let the lavender do its work while the comfort from the neck pillows or heat packs work on the body’s aches and pains. Pure relaxation is here with our lavender heating pads and neck wraps!
  • Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy (3)

    Due to demand, we’re introducing highly concentrated aromatherapy essential oil misters with Reverence for all things of nature. Our aromatherapy pain relief products assist in restoring body, mind and spirit. Our misters can be used as a room spray, on linens, heat packs, or sprayed on a tissue or a cotton ball to be inhaled. Our essential oil misters are made with only the most exquisite essential oils and essences. Formulated by a licensed aromatherapist in Washington, Michelle Thibe, these aromatherapy oils misters will complement our lavender heat packs. People can use different scent and for different therapy purpose. Two lines are currently available: Sleepy Thyme Mister and Sacred Space.  Both are the most popular products from Michelle's selection. Stay tuned for more on aromatherapy pain relief solutions. You may contact us before we finish making the new webpages and tags. "Aromatherapy is a caring, hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body and soul."  Said Robert Tisserand, a leading expert in aromatherapy.
  • Disposable Heat Patches

    Disposable Heat Patches (3)

    Disposable heat patches are a great solution for on-the-go pain relief. Our adhesive heat packs are air activated, so you don’t need to worry about microwaving it or finding an outlet to plug it into. And when you’re done, simply throw it away – no need to wonder where all of your heat wraps and ice packs keep going. These adhesive heat packs aren’t bulky, and can easily be stuck to clothes for all day pain relief. You can go about your day without being concerned about back or shoulder pain. Shop disposable heat patches today for pain relief that will last!
  • Ice Wraps

    Ice Wraps (3)

    Sunshine Pillows is the place to go for cold therapy ice packs. Our cold wraps are quite large, so they can cover the entire area you’re trying to treat. Homemade ice packs can often get the job done, but there are definitely some bumps along the way. Whether the ice melts too fast, the bag starts leaking, or the entire pack keeps slipping, it isn’t the most ideal situation. Our cold therapy ice packs have long straps so you can ice hands-free! And, you can use them over and over again. Make your recovery as speedy as possible with our premium cold wraps today!
  • Knee Pain Relief

    Knee Pain Relief (2)

    Unfortunately, knee pain is fairly common. Injury, daily life, exercise, and surgery are just a few of the possible causes. However, you shouldn’t let it keep you from playing the sport you love or prevent you from completing everyday tasks. It’s time to take some action, and our knee pain relief devices might just do the trick! Our therapeutic knee pain relief devices are second to none, and can have you feeling better in no time. After a long day, a few minutes of self-care can go a long way. Prevent further complications and injuries by taking care of your body, and shop knee pain relief wraps today!
  • Travel Pillows

    Travel Pillows (2)

    Award Winning Design Sunshine Pillows wrap around your neck for a complete 360-degree support. It provides direct head support to a user sitting upright or in a reclined position such as traveling, working on computers, and watching TV. Guaranteed comfort. Best value for your money. What Makes Sunshine Pillows the Best Neck Pillows for Travel? A good neck pillow for travel not only helps you stay comfortable during long flights or car rides — it can help people with cervical spine problems and facial pain feel better and prevent injuries. A neck travel pillow that’s designed by doctors, like the ones from Sunshine Pillows, provides support where your body needs it most. Our team carefully considers body needs and provides a wide variety of customized, ergonomic travel pillows for your neck, whether you’re looking for extra support or you’re tall and can’t seem to find a pillow that fits your needs. A travel neck support pillow fits around the neck area, with a deep depression to cradle the head and with extra padding under the neck. Wearing a neck pillow helps prevent the head from falling too far to one side, alleviating pressure on one side of your neck that works to keep the head up. Because neck pillows are helpful in keeping the neck in alignment with the spine, they’re not only great for travel. They are, however, an excellent choice for for everyday activities such as watching TV in your recliner or reading a book in your bed. When choosing a neck pillow, you’ll want to look for features including:
    • 360-degree support. This ensures you can be sitting upright or reclining and still get the vital support you need.
    • Custom fits. No neck is the same. When choosing a good neck pillow for travel that’s best for you, look for options that include diverse sizes so you can get the optimal fit for you.
    • Soothing comfort. Your travel neck support pillow should include elements that make it a dream to wear. Chin supports allows your head to rest comfortably on the pillow. This reduced pressure on your neck muscles gives the pillow a calming quality. Strong neck support with a narrow neck band cradles your head while protecting your spine.
    All these features are found in Sunshine Pillows neck pillows. Our pillows are recommended by doctors with patients who need a good neck pillow for travel. Why Sunshine Pillows Offers the Best Travel Neck Pillow: At Sunshine Pillows, we believe good health and comfort should go hand in hand, which is why we’ve designed our travel neck support pillows to encourage both peaceful rest and optimal posture. You’ll fall asleep more easily with a Sunshine Pillows travel neck pillow, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed because you won’t have a painful, stiff neck. We design our pillows to help you sit up correctly and reduce slouching; features that are often difficult to find if you’re tall or have a longer neck. We’ve made our travel neck pillows convenient and pleasurable to use with:
    • A helpful handle for easy transport. The comfortable handle on the back of the neck travel pillow allows for seamless movement when you’re on the go. It also allows you to attach the pillow to a car neck rest or chair so you always have it on hand.
    • A carrying bag that protects your pillow. When you’re not using your travel neck pillow, slip it into the carrying bag to keep it clean and protect it from accidents that could damage it.
    At Sunshine Pillows, we want to wow you with the best neck travel pillows available. We have many affordable travel neck pillow options, such as the Sunshine Pillows Chiropractic Neck Pillow for Extra Neck Support. Don’t hesitate to contact us — we can’t wait to help.

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